What is Temporal?

Temporal is a primarily hosted API into distributed/decentralized storage technologies, with the focus on making it easy for the end user to integrate with the next generation of data storage protocols. While primarily hosted, we are pursuing an open-source model similar to Zabbix in which the code is open source, and we encourage people to run their own TEMPORAL instances. However, for people who choose to host their own instances, we will offer enterprise support, training, maintenance and implementation packages. For those that don't have the technical capacity to do so, they may use our paid for hosted API. While the hosted API service is centralized in the sense that users are relying on us to provide a server, and act as hosts of the data, we plug into the public networks of supported protocols by default, allowing users to leverage the power of the public networks, and ensuring that we aren't the only holders of the data.

Paying for the hosted TEMPORAL service will be done on a per-interaction basis through the web interface orchestrated through smart contracts. Until the beta is finished, all TEMPORAL access will be free of charge. However, this comes with the condition that there is no guarantee in data persistence guarantees. Should you wish to use TEMPORAL but have data persistence, please contact us and we can set something up.

One of the signature features of TEMPORAL is its extensive API, allowing for ease of interaction with supporting protocols. This is intended to target application developers, who are seeking to integrate with this new technology, or maybe just explore it. One of the main ways we will demonstrate its utility is through the use of a web interface. This web interface will seek to accomplish a few things:

  1. Establish RTrade Technologies Ltd as the name in hosted IPFS pinning services
  2. Bring attention to our company
  3. Demo an example application that can be built on the TEMPORAL API
  4. Provide an easy way for users to experience support storage protocols

While RTrade Technologies Ltd is adamant about open source, the web interface won't be open source. This is done in order to give us a competitive advantage over our peers, and to help mitigate competition that may also use TEMPORAL to build a similar service. The core of TEMPORAL, the code itself, the meat on top of the bones is and always will be open source. We will never add in modifications, or features to TEMPORAL that aren't or won't ever be usable by the public.

TEMPORAL is built on top of powerful open source technologies that we would never be able to build on our own, and for that we are extremely thankful. As such, we must make it a point to always include projects that we use in the bottom of our README on GitHub in a special thank you section. Every once in a while we will go through the list to make sure it is up to date.

If you find any bugs through your usage of TEMPORAL whether its the web interface or TEMPORAL itself, please open an issue on your GitHub repository.

High Level Feature Overview

  • Supported Technologies:
    • IPFS
    • IPNS
    • Ethereum Smart Contracts
      • Payments
  • Reference Language: Golang
  • Service:
    • IaaS (Infrastructure-As-A-Service)
    • Self Hosted

Rough Temporal Roadmap For 2020

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